The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

WARNING: Don't fall for celebrity hosted infomercials and fake lab reports.

Mission Statement

Since 2007, has:

    1) provided accurate information, so that consumers can intelligently compare prostate formulas.

Recently, we rebranded this site as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and have added a 3rd plank to our mission:

    3) to expose the highly pervasive "fake review site" scam and "out" the criminal cartel, who perpetuates it.
    • to quote President Andrew Jackson (in reference to the banking cartel of his time):
    • "They are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout them out"


Prostate Wars

When NHS Global Distributors, Inc first began producing Prostate Miracle® in 2003, there were very few other companies, that produced prostate support formulas. Since that time, this comparison page has served as a quick reference for comparing the prostate support formulas made by a hand full of established companies. As new products have been introduced into the market place, we have done our best to quickly review them and update this page with HONEST info about how they compare to the other prostate support products.

In recent years and even months . . . the "prostate pill" landscape has changed dramatically. Now the market is flooded with "copy cat" products, "fake review sites" and fraud is rampant.

Our hearts goes out to the poor consumer, who is so often tricked and is understandably frustrated and confused, when trying to sort out the truth from all the hype and the scams. Now more than ever, it is vital to have the latest inside info, before making important decisions about your prostate health.

Keeping this site up to date used to be a simple task. Now it is a full time job. We hope you will find value in our efforts.


Fake Prostate Pill Review Sites

WARNING: Don't fall for celebrity hosted infomercials and fake lab reports! Beware of "Johnny come lately" products, being promoted with claims about the "amazing new discovery" of Pine derived Beta Sitosterol. Prostate Miracle Advanced Formula® (conspicuously NOT included in most fake reports) has ALWAYS contained Pine derived Beta Sitosterol.

Almost everyday, we receive inquiries as to why Prostate Miracle® is NOT listed on any of the various "prostate pill review sites" being promoted online. The reason is that virtually ALL of them are FRAUDULENT and FAKE. These "fake review sites" rate their own product number one, while hiding their ownership interest in both the review site and the products they promote. Naturally, they don't want anyone to know that they have a financial interest in the product they rate number one.

Obviously these rating/review sites are NOT impartial, as they would have you believe. Trust me, when I say with great conviction, that they have NOT performed ANY of the product testing they claim to have done, for if they had, they would have spent a small fortune.

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Also I know for a fact that at least one of these "fake review sites" can be bought. We were offered a high rating on one of these "fake review sites" . . . for a fee. We have however, chosen to expose these frauds, rather than participate in them.

We have done our best to "out" these scammers, as we learn of them, but I must say, it has been a daunting task, and has become even more time consuming, since a crime family, who we refer to as the "gang of fraudsters", began spamming the search engines with dozens of new "fake review sites", promoting their dozens of new products.

We dedicate considerable time to policing the internet in search of their latest "fake review site". It takes even more time to research, write and post articles about each new scam. And its sometimes frustrating because, just as we expose one, a brand new with a slightly different name, is roll out and the "wash and rince" cycle continues.

We highly recommend that anyone in the market for a prostate formula, spend considerable time reading through all our "fake review site" posts , because this scam is so PERVASIVE, you simply MUST know about it or else you will likely be victimized by it.

If you are short of time, then you should at least study the summary table below, which lists the "fake review sites" and the products they sell.

If you have more time, you may want to click here to learn more details about the "Gang of Fraudsters"

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Ratings

Not to be hypocritical, we want to clearly disclose that this site is NOT unbiased. In fact, is sponsored by Prostate Miracle® Advanced Formula.

So unlike the many fake review sites, that hide their ownership interest in the product they rate number one, we are making a full disclosure of our financial interest in Prostate Miracle® Advanced Formula, the product we rate number one. So in other words we are bragging about our product . . . tooting our own horn, so to speak . . . but unlike the others, we openly admit it.

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Clint Eastwood once starred in a movie called The Good, The Bad and the Ugly and we thought it would be funny to borrow the branding of our website from that movie. The down side to that, is that rather than having the top category named "Excellent" (as one might think it should be), it is named "Good" instead. Please don't think for a minute that our "Good" category stands for anything less than the best prostate formula available.

Here is the way we categorized the products we rate:

Because, we believe that Prostate Miracle® Advanced Formula is the best prostate formula available (far superior to any of the others), we put it in the "Good" category all by itself.

The products that we put in "the bad" category are not necessarily terrible, but because they pale in comparison to Prostate Miracle® Advanced Formula, they had to be in the category below "The Good", which is "The Bad".

The products that we put in "The Ugly" category, really are products that you should avoid like the plague. Every product that is rated #1 on ANY "fake review site", automatically gets listed in "The Ugly" category. Furthermore, any product that has ever infringed on the Prostate Miracle® trademark, by advertising using our trademark, automatically gets put into this category as well.

Is it unfair to place all of these unethical products on the "The Ugly" list? We do not think so. Admittedly, we do have an axe to grind. We clearly want to minimize the financial harm we continue to suffer at the hands of these bad actors, but moreover, we have not found even one exception of any of these "Ugly" products deserving to be placed in any category other than "Ugly", strictly based on the quality of their product.

In addition to our admitted "self-interest" agenda, we are committed to "outing" these bad actors, for the sake of the unknowing public, who continues to be tricked into buying crappy products. We hear about this happening almost everyday. We get calls from customers, who tell us they got duped into buying one of the "ugly" products, only to find that it did not work. And then after trying Prostate Miracle® Advanced formula, and experiencing positive results, become Prostate Miracle® Advanced Formula customers for life.

The bottom line is that these "Ugly" products are not only causing causing financial harm to our company, but also to countless consumers and are also giving a bad name to the entire natural health industry. They must be stopped!

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